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Asian Star Company Limited organized a health camp for its employees.

Asian Star believes in investing in employee wellness, not only because health is a major determining factor for workplace productivity but also as we care about the wellbeing of our employees.

The company implements various measures at regular intervals to ensure that its employees maintain good health, both physically and mentally. An Employee Health Camp was organized on 24th September, 2022 in association with Nova Benefits to conduct blood tests and eye checkups, accompanied by counselling to assess mental health. A series of camps were held at its offices in Mumbai where 299 employees in total were provided with blood analysis and visual verification reports.

At Asian Star, every employee is a valued family member.

Beauty in Bloom

Flowers, nature's most quintessential metaphor of beauty are stylishly depicted in these earrings.

The design concept has a distinctive pattern of concave lines intertwined into a spherical shape, which symbolises the alluring journey of a flower as it blooms. With baguette diamonds adorning the petals and a lustrous pearl suspended below, the piece exudes refinement, elegance, and charm.

Bloom like a flower and reveal your beauty with this stunning pair of diamond earrings.

Sparkling Swirls

A sculptural creation crafted in 18K yellow gold. Through its design, the spiral-shaped ring conveys growth and evolution. The ring serves as a metaphor for people returning to the same place in their lives and perceiving it from new perspectives.

Brilliant round diamonds and multi-shaped emeralds shine in asymmetric settings, designed to make a bold statement.

Asian Star expands its domestic jewellery operation.

In spite of the challenging situation during the last two years, our domestic jewellery division, A’Star Jewellery, has performed exceptionally well and faces increased demand from existing clients and the market at large. To accommodate this need and to make provisions for future growth plans, we have expanded our manufacturing capacity by opening another unit at Surat. This pilot project measures 4,000 sq. ft., and has the potential to be upgraded to 15,000 to 20,000 sq. ft. in the next two years.

We are happy to take another vital step forward that will enable us to serve our customers better.

Fly Free, Fly High

Capturing the elegance of flight, the exquisitely crafted bird balancing with outstretched wings on the double strand akoya pearl necklace symbolizes freedom. The symbolic bird, which forms the heart of the neck piece, is delicately elevated and embellished with stunning round diamonds. The glitter of diamonds combined with the pure sheen of pearls gives the neck piece a dazzling yet sophisticated appearance.

For the woman who needs a gentle reminder to be free, to fly, and to embrace life fully, this exquisite piece is certainly for her.

A majestic ring created for a queen.

Inspired by the regal silhouette of a crown, the ring embodies grandeur and symbolises the charisma of a queen and every woman who is strong, honourable, courageous and compassionate. Taking centre stage, the symbolic rubies represent passion, vigour and nobility.

Crafted in 18k gold and profusely adorned with brilliant diamonds, this stately ring is a definite conversation starter.

Celebrate new beginnings.

Inspired by the purity of the morning dew that washes away the old and celebrates new beginnings, the stunning leaf-shaped design ingeniously captures this phenomenon of nature’s beauty. Clear and pure as a dewdrop, the pear-shaped rose cut diamond stands proud at the centre, while sparkling round diamonds glisten across the intricate leaf silhouette crafted in 18k pink gold.

Celebrate new possibilities in your life with this spectacular pair of earrings.

Asian Star takes pride in announcing the victory of its female employees in the cricket tournament that took place this International Women’s Day.

The women’s cricket tournament was organised by Segoma Imaging Technologies at BDB turf. The event covered a knockout match amongst female players of 6 teams.

Asian Star’s female employees turned out to be strong contenders as they brought their multi-tasking and collaborative abilities to the ground. The daylong tournament called for an interesting battle on pitch where despite losing the toss, Team Asian Star set a target of 60 runs in 5 overs and restricted Hari Krishna to 22 runs, thereby winning the finals by 37 runs. Moreover, the team’s captain Brenda and player Prachiti were adjudged the ‘Best players‘.

The contribution and potential of women are worth recognizing every day. Asian Star values and appreciates the efforts put in by its female employees, and is committed to creating even greater opportunities for them in the future.

Reflect confidence and grace, with every stride you take.

This one-of-a-kind pendant shaped like a feather features a dual-faceted design that mirrors the traits of a peacock: vivacity and grace. The eye-catching statement piece, set in 18k yellow gold and studded with sparkling round diamonds, is a stunning display of dramatic and dainty.

For multi-faceted women, this jewel is a perfect reflection of their personality.

A’Star Jewellery’s new launch of mesmerizing jewellery collections stole the show at IIJS Signature 2022.

Drawing inspiration from relationships, emotions, nature and the universe, our designs have been exquisitely crafted to reflect their ultimate beauty, be it in the form of delicate links embellished with subtle cream enamel to symbolise the strong yet elusive bond of love, the purity of the pearl embraced by the sparkling goodness of diamonds, the iconic hoop-and-feathers form using openwork styling and delicate dangling elements, the vibrant 3D floral world of elegant shapes and organic curves, or the circles and arcs that represent the cosmic energy resonating from outside to the inner core.

Ideal to be worn all day long, these enthralling rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants are available in 18kt yellow and pink gold; a perfect fit to the wearer’s pleasing personality.

A statement cocktail ring designed to mimic a floral extravaganza of the most luxurious kind.

A ring like no other! Unique and peppered with vibrant luxe blue sapphires, and gleaming with brilliant round diamonds.This charming flower-shaped ring is fashioned by drawing inspiration from nature. Every petal is an artistic representation of nature's resplendent creation and meticulously crafted in 18kt rose gold.

For those who love flowers, this floral ring is sure to impress.

Riding on the lightweight trend that feeds on the evolving demand for minimalist jewellery from the younger generation, A’Star Jewellery launched a mixed bag of lightweight collections at IIJS.

These diamond-studded jewels are a means of everyday self-expression and celebrate the multifarious personality of the modern woman.

Our design palette borrowed from abstract influences, geometric inspirations and nature’s silhouettes. Whilst the Symphony of Shapes collection captures the harmonious spirit of a woman through the balance and fluidity of lightweight shapes, the filigree pattern of Whisper of Lace collection is inspired by the sheerness of finest lace and evokes the gentle sensitivity of a woman. Bringing in a touch of ethnicity, Pride of the Peacock collection draws a parallel between our muse’s magnificent plumage and the sensuous and vibrant personality of a woman.

Our lightweight collections are designed around openwork patterns and crafted in 9-18 k yellow, white and pink gold

Asian Star held a vaccination drive at the office premises for its employees.

It would not be wrong to say the pandemic has altered our way of living. And while staying at home is considered safe, we would all love to get back to normal life and do the things we love – meeting family and friends, team interactions at work, travelling for pleasure and for work.

As one of Asian Star’s Covid-19 Risk Management initiatives, the company held a vaccination drive at the office premises for all employees who chose to get vaccinated.

We thank our employees for being patient and resilient, and supporting the company as we work together to pull through these extraordinary times.

Keep good luck on your side with A'Star Jewellery's "Lucky Charm" collection.

We all desire to control our destiny and pave our own path to success. But a little magic and luck along the way is always welcome. For some it is a lucky colour and for another it could be their favourite jewellery item.

Since the Middle Ages, horseshoes have been thought to bring good luck. A’Star Jewellery transforms this plain-looking item into enticing earrings in the ‘Lucky Charm’ collection. The designs are beautifully rendered in different artistic variations of the basic horseshoe shape. Adorned with sparkling diamonds, the shape is further embellished with a charming floral motif in the centre.

Keep good luck on your side with these delightful earrings, which are crafted in 18k yellow and pink gold. Or share the luck by gifting a pair for someone special.

Asian Star has partnered with MENTORIA (India's first holistic career discovery platform) to run ASIAN STAR'S CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMME.

ASIAN STAR has always believed in mentoring its employees and guiding their progress in the chosen field of expertise. We now wish to extend our support to their children and enable them to achieve their dreams of a bright and successful future.

The children of today are exposed to a great deal of media and communication from different fields. This tends to influence their aspirations and outlook of the career path they wish to pursue. Also, with diverse career options available today, deciding on the right choice can be difficult and stressful, not only for the child but also for the parents.

At Asian Star, we wish to make this process effortless for our employees and their children. We want to help them understand which jobs will best complement the natural gifts and passions of their child. And to help them make this informed and accurate decision, we have partnered with MENTORIA (India's first holistic career discovery platform) to run ASIAN STAR'S CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMME.

The programme has been designed specifically for children who are in Class 8th to 12th. Both, parents and the child, will get online access to career experts who can help the child discover which educational streams to choose, and to understand the reality of the working world and how to go about planning for the future. The programme will give continued support until the child is successfully settled into the desired career.

This is just the beginning, and we hope to work towards upgrading this programme to deliver more and more value over time.